Welcome to my portfolio site. In short, I'm a web designer who also indulges in art, photography, futbol, and abundant socializing. Enjoy.

W O R K - R E L A T E D   S I T E S

This work represents the projects I performed a large part in the production of at my former employer. Most of the sites are for medical and dental practices or lawyer firms as well as some high-end spas scattered around the globe. These sites represent some of the skills I have acquired over the years such as working with html, xhtml, css, php, javascript, and some flash. These sites were mainly created in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Wordpress.


F R E E L A N C E   S I T E S

These sites were created as part of my freelance work. The work ranges from small business sites to personal portfolio sites. Many more are in the works currently and will be on this site shortly. For any inquiries on how to get your own site, contact me by clicking here or go to cafestudiodesigns.com. Custom websites at very affordable rates are just a click away.



Art has always been interesting to me ever since I was introduced to it by a friend back in high school. It's a great way to escape and put your ideas into a visual form. Art wasn't my main focus at UCSD but I did take away some valuable lessons from the few courses I took there and abroad in the art capital of the world, Florence, Italy. We live in a visual world where everything is becoming digitally manufactured so I feel things that are made by hand will always remain special. To view some of my art work so far click here.



Art and photography come hand and hand to me. Since cameras became digital it has been easy to take as many photos as you have time to click the shutter. Being artistic means finding visually interesting things in even the most mundane scenes and circumstances. I try to bring the camera with me as much as possible because I'll never know when I cross something that might be an inspiration for a painting or an image of something to remember. Check out some of my favorite shots and recently-taken photographs.