Being a web designer is great way to apply any artistic ideas I have onto a permanent place on the web. The creation of a site begins with a style and feel that will help get the client's message across. The design will keep the visitor's attention. It's that balance of functionality and aesthetics that makes web design a fun challenge.

V I E W   T H E   O R I G I N A L   V E R S I O N

View the original version of my portfolio site created in 2006. You are currently viewing the first re-design. See how the graphical elements have changed slightly while keeping most of the same easy functionality. There comes a time when a site begins to become stale and the only solution is a refresh. If your site is in need of a refresh, I may be able to assist you. Read below for more info.

L O O K I N G   F O R   A   D E S I G N E R ?

Need a site for your small business? Or want a personal site or any kind? No matter what you desire for you web needs it can be done in no time. Together with my friends at CafeStudioDesigns your site can possess the traits you want - from flash to databases. Don't delay, we can get your site started today for a very reasonable price. Contact me at CafeStudioDesigns by clicking here or go to CafeStudioDesigns.com for more information.

A   C O M M U N I T Y   O F   A R T I S T S

This site introduces all my personal friends that have creative skills. A lot of them have put their skills into their business, so if there's something you need in particular they can be contacted, and their skills can be put to your use. The creativity includes, but isn't limited to video production, photography, custom furniture, custom welding, commissioned painting, screenprinting, custom clothing, floral services, and much more. Take a gander at some of the identities behind this creative landscape.

B R A N D I N G   I D E N T I T Y

A group of friends recently moved their custom furniture business from Colorado to North Cedros Avenue here in Solana Beach, California and they wanted me to help them create a brand new identity. It all starts with a creative logo for a creative company and this custom font became the perfect solution. Nothing too fancy and hard-to-read, but nothing too bland and easily to forget - just a nice harmony of elements. I'm currently their web designer and graphics coordinator. Visit the site at Mabuno.com to find out when their next bi-monthly show will be.


Hang Zen Surf School of Carlsbad and Encinitas

Personal surf lessons business by Scott Hamrick

Created 2006-07


The Private Investigation business of Daryl Brooks

Created 2006

Living Green Designs LLC

The custom furniture business of Ryan Maher and Bret Burroughs

Created 2008

DartUp Design Services

The 3D rendering business of Matt d'Artenay

Re-designed 2008

Creative Intel Agency

The portfolio of Joseph Ragone

Created 2007

TAG online marketing

The business of Tim Grenda

Created 2008

Silkwood Medical Australia

Cosmetic Surgery

Memphis Smile Designs

Dental practice

Fulbright Dental

Michael Fulbright DDS

Wolberg Plastic Surgery

Francisco Wolberg MD

Lips Unlimited

Plastic Surgery

Barbados Dentist

Dental Practice


Medical Center and Spa

New York Injury

Law Firm


Center for Assisted Reproduction


Neuromuscular Aesthetic Dentistry


Plastic Surgery

Phillips Webster

Washington Personal Injury Attorneys

Walter Zamarian MD

Plastic Surgery

Carroll Law Firm PC

A Dallas, Texas Trial Law Firm