There aren't enough hours in the week to explain all my interests, so this page is the portal into my external endeavors. My services include web design and artistic assistance in various forms. There are several ways to contact me - by phone, email, social networks, or in person by appointment or at one of the bi-monthly art shows orchestrated at Mabuno Gallery in Solana Beach.

M A B U N O  A R T  S H O W

Come visit Mabuno Gallery in the Northern Cedros Design District for "Fifteen and Counting" featuring art work from renowned artist Chris Martino. Martino is a soldier of Art Attack whose mission is to culture-jam complacency and ride herd on boring art wherver it lurks. Fifteen and Counting is a fifteen-year retrospective of Martino's illustrative art work. Reception is Friday, February 13th, 2009 from 6PM - 10PM. Find out


N E E D  A  S I T E ?

Need a site for your small business? Or want a personal site of any kind? No matter what you desire for you web needs it can be done in no time. Together with my friends at CafeStudioDesigns your site can possess the traits you want - from flash to databases. Don't delay, we can get your site started today for a very reasonable price. Contact me at CafeStudioDesigns by clicking here or go to CafeStudioDesigns.com for more information.


W A N T  A  C U S T O M  P A I N T I N G ?

If you need just the right painting for your residence or business I can be commissioned for any type of artwork you please. Whether you want a scene from your favorite movie, something like the dream you had last night, or just a favorite image you want for your wall, I can create your vision from abstraction to realism. Contact me to get started or for any questions. For examples of his work but not limited to his ability click here for past paintings he has created.


H O W  A B O U T  A N  A R T  L E S S O N ?

If you're in need of an art lesson I might be able to help. This is for anyone from beginning to intermediary experience looking for some artistic guidance for themself or anyone they know. I can teach you the basics for forming a piece of art - from the basics of drawing forms and figures to the working of a painting of acrylic and oil painting. I can even tell you where to get the best art supplies at the best prices - we can even go together. From there I can show you how to create your own canvas from scratch, your own unique pigments and what mediums to use to in order to get the desired result.

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